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Brand Identity Services

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Logo Design


In a globalised world where people can’t always comprehend the other’s mother tongue, logos are a language that is universally understood. A great logo is punchy, powerful and communicates what you are about in a glance. We help you find the perfect one.

Visual Guidelines Branding

Visual guidelines

Ever walked by a Kebab shop, looked at the pictures in the window and thought ‘that does NOT make me want to buy what you’re selling’. Yeah. Visual guidelines define your brand’s personality through imagery, colours (sometimes even textures) to ensure that everything makes sense and your audience understands your story without ever having to read it.

Tone of Voice Branding


So you know how to talk to people in real life, or perhaps have a specific way of doing business. Tone of voice guidelines are all about translating your brand’s personality into written text. By figuring out what copywriting, catch phrases and emojis to use, we make sure that you communicate to your audience in a way that connects your brand to their universe.

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Mission & Value statements

We help define what you are about, what you stand for and how to put that into vocabulary. Your brand’s mission and value statements are important pillars that differentiate you from all the others. Let’s get them exactly right.

Design business cards, quotations, brochures, brand collateral

Design collateral

Brand “collateral” refers to the physical materials used to provide information about your company’s products and services. We design your business cards, quotations, invoices, brochures and pretty much anything you need to make sure your brand identity flows smoothly through everything you put out there.

Brand Identity Branding Consultancy


Branding Consultancy is extremely useful for the creative mind that is completely capable to design her/his own identity but would benefit from professional input and an objective look at the process. We are able to step in at every stage and love using our knowledge to help you get your branding on point. Just hit us up.

If you have questions regarding our Brand Identity Services, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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