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A sample of reviews from our clients and collaborators.


Luvua Brand Identity Social Media Strategy

“Hannah & David’s consultancy and follow up have broadened our perspectives in regards to the possibilities of social media and digital advertising. Their knowledge and advice have been valuable to us and they are very much driven to add value to the businesses they work with. Our collaboration was a positive experience that I can definitely recommend.”

Loes Nabuurs

General Manager, Christian Wijnants

Voodoo Mgmt Brand Identity Social Media Consultancy

“Collaborating with Hannah is part of one of those rare life experiences where the artistic, the human and the creative cross borders with a baffling sense of ease. She observes things through a very personal lens, one that is always inspired by her environment and never compromises on the job at hand. Quite the contrary in fact, I was at times amazed by her liberty of interpretation and the results it provoked. Hannah possesses a natural instinct for the beauty within both things and people and brings a sense of harmony and depth to the projects that are confided in her. An abundance of qualities that allow her to root a strong message into a world that is in constant movement.”


AirBnb Luxury Retreats Montréal
(former Director of Photography, Condé Nast France)

“Working together with Branca has been a beautiful ride. I am very thankful for their very personal and transparent approach to my project. This approach, although very personal, never lacked any professionalism and strong expertise. I turn to Branca for their creative assistance, but also for their very up-to-date commercial advice. Hannah and David’s different backgrounds made the perfect combination to help bring my project to life. I will be forever grateful for this collaboration.”

Cynthia Gieskes

Founder & CEO, Luvua

Christian Wijnants Social Media Management Social Media Consultancy Social Media Advertising

“How to describe Branca.. Young, driven, dynamic, strategic & visionary. They tailored online solutions to our brand and personality, but even more so, their personal energy boosted our sense of entrepreneurship at every get-together. Hannah & David strive for profound connection & creative, unique & art- like perfection. Cannot recommend them enough.”

Nathalie VERLOO

Founder, Voodoo Mgmt

Conde Nast AirBnb Amelie De Andreis Social Media Content Creation