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Social Media

For the generation that shrugs a little when they see people pulling out selfiesticks on the street, Branca was founded for you. Because we noticed that really cool people with really great businesses were missing out on so many opportunities for a lack of interest and not feeling connected to all things online. We wanted to be the bridge that helps those businesses translate their personalities into the online realms and connect them to their customers more frequently and more profoundly. 

We also really love educating young entrepreneurs on how to be strategic about their positioning and stay ahead of the game, because spending your life on Snapchat does not equal knowing how social can truly impact your business.

So what can we do for you exactly? A lot. 

We always start with a consultation (first one’s on us) in which we sit together and figure out what you really need. Based on that information we create a custom package, designed to take your business to the next chapter.



  • Strategy

  • Creative Direction

  • Management 

  • Content Creation
    (visuals, copywriting)

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Campaigns 

  • Optimisation 

  • Consultancy 

  • Ads (check Digital Advertising