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With over 3.2 billion active users on Facebook and 1 billion on Instagram, it’s safe to say that pretty much everyone you know is on social. While most users are on the platforms to interact with family and friends, engage with things that matter to them and even fall in love, brands have been using social media as a way to reach their consumers. By sharing their stories and values while increasing their following, brands have been driving revenue in a whole new way, however, with the social media landscape becoming more crowed each day, organic reach has been going down as well.

This is why businesses of all sizes are turning towards social media advertising and its capacity to get their brand's message in front of the right audience. At Branca, we are Facebook Ads Experts that continuously update our knowledge and skills to make sure that you get the absolute most out of your campaigns.



What we do


Cross-platform Activation
The setup of accounts and campaigns across Facebook and Instagram isn't always as straightforward as one would hope. We efficiently manage the process from account creation and billing preferences to campaign and budget selection.


Facebook and Instagram’s targeting options are incredibly powerful, allowing you to target people based on their demographic, location, education, work, interests, behaviours, and even life events such as moving or having a child. Combining this data means that we can define your potential clients extremely well and present your desired target audience with better ads that drive more results. 

Ad Optimisation

Keeping an audience engaged is not an easy task. By constantly rotating and testing different variations and formats of your ads, we maintain and improve engagement to make sure your audience doesn't become ‘ad fatigued’.

Conversion Tracking & Reporting

Having an in-depth understanding of the results of your campaigns is crucial to measure their effectiveness. We track every important action taken by your audience and provide you with detailed ROI focus reports that are designed to help you understand the performance of your paid social efforts. 


If you have specific questions regarding Social Media Advertising, don’t hesitate to get in touch!