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Social Media Services

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Social Media Services Branca Digital Agency

Social Media Services

It may be a little sassy to use a pop of Prozac to refer to Social Media, but getting Social right has proven to cause a lot of stress for businesses of all sizes. Below are some of the services we offer at Branca to reduce headaches and create Social success stories.



A highly personalised roadmap that focuses on both extracting maximum value from your social presence, as well as translating your brand experience into the lingo of the different channels. The Master Plan that takes you to the next level.

Social Media Strategy
Social Media Creative Direction


Social media platforms are first and foremost about connecting with your audience through visuals and copyrighting, but how are you supposed to know what that looks, sounds and feels like? The Creative Direction guides your brand, visually and verbally, to find its social DNA. We work out an aesthetic, copywriting and overall feel for each platform that honours your brand’s core while making sure you connect to your audiences in the most efficient way possible.



Does being < switched on > 24/7 annoy you or do you simply not have the time to curate your online presence and make the most of it? This one’s for you. We update your accounts, monitor your feeds and engage with your followers so you can relax or focus your energy and turn your real-life business into the best it can possibly be.
The choice is all yours.

Social Media Management
Social Media Content Creation


Need help filling up those feeds but weren’t born a naturally gifted photographer or writer? We got you. Knowing what to do online is one thing, creating the content to do it is another. At Branca, creating powerful visuals and writing punchy texts is our jam. We’ve done it for several world-renowned brands and we can do it for you too.


INfluencer marketing

So you know that influencers are a thing. Great. But do you know that while the right influencers can boost sales tremendously, choosing the wrong ones can cause serious harm to your brand’s reputation? We help you get it right from the get-go, handle negotiations, make sure agreements are being met and help you leverage the power of influencers while staying true to your brand values.

Influencer Marketing
Social Media Campaigns


You’re about to launch a new product and want to make waves, or maybe you want to tell the world your business is finally online. Maybe you just want to boost day-to-day sales. We create highly targeted campaigns that are designed to meet specific business objectives and solidify your brand message on social. Like old school advertising campaigns, but with so much more bang for your $$.



You’re on social and pretty much know the drill but it’s simply not flowing as well as you hoped. At Branca we love taking an objective look at your efforts and help you optimise your accounts through small adjustments that make a big difference. Getting a second, professional opinion that is not emotionally attached to your business is, sometimes, all it takes.

Social Media Optimisation
Social Media Consultancy


Consultancy has a special place in our hearts because it’s all about educating you to become self-sufficient when it comes to your social media presence. Whatever hurdles you’ve come across or questions you may have, we’re here to help and empower you every step of the way. We absolutely love sharing our knowledge and encouraging you to kick ass all by yourself.
(Consultancy is available for both individuals and teams.)


Social media ads

Interested in running ads on social media?
Please check our dedicated Digital Advertising page.

Social Media Advertising

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